Welcome to: Develop Your Body


In this blog category, we will look at the physical elements to training your body. Workouts, nutrition plans, fitness routines, and trending drills to shock your body into a developed form. Commit to training your body by reading up on influential training methods. After the break of social media, there are SO many workouts out there that claim to give you 7-minute abs. Or that make promises for drills that rely on the thought that one-size-fits-all. As an athlete, it has become blatantly obvious that this is not the case.


If one-size really did fit all, then everyone would look the same following the same workout (which is not true). We are all at different levels, physically speaking, and even two people with similar body types will react differently to identical workouts. There is more to a workout than the body, but the trick is teaching yourself what works for you. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all but there definitely is such a thing as your person ‘size’. Learn what your ‘size’ is and become, athletically speaking, unstoppable.


We all admittedly have ambitions to develop our bodies in a certain way. Whether it is to increase strength, stamina, lose weight or rehabilitate. But it doesn’t happen by itself, commitment to training is the most important factor to development, and yet so many of us have problems with consistency. Adapting to a training habit is hard, and will never work if you don’t enjoy the process… So we’ve cast out a specific category in our blogs to aim at renewing the way you look at physical training. And what you can do to hop on the hype train and enjoy while you challenge yourself.


Find your own athletic limits, and push them a step further each week. Imagine what you can accomplish in a year.