Finding the right motivation for your goals is an infinite cycle.

It’s commonly known that on certain days, for whatever reason, it’s just a little bit harder to get out of bed. And somehow, without intending on it, skipping workouts or diets is a common habit for having a falling-out with inspiration and looping back through the infinite cycle. Being the perfect athlete is hard, no actually, it’s impossible. We all fail in numerous ways while carrying the right intentions. But if sports has shown us anything, it’s that every great athlete needs to fail to succeed.


However, through recent research, the habit of psychology suggests that we can escape our failures by intertwining our goals with others. Almost as if the desire for attaining success in a team far exceeds the willingness to do so when alone. If you find it difficult to accomplish your tasks alone, combine them in a group goal and you will find yourself to be motivated for success at higher levels. A gym is a hostile place for the body and mind. Every workout consists of hardships that can cause you to question your motivation.


That’s why in the coming month, we are introducing the ‘partnership’ theme. Where we poke holes into the commonalities of gym failure and duct-tape them shut with a ‘partners’ support. The mind and body can accomplish previously-deemed impossible feats when interlinked with ‘the bigger picture’. If you feel that what you are doing, regardless of what it may be, is impacting several people it is guaranteed your intentions will be spiked to a higher level of inspiration. Running a marathon for personal gain can give you a certain amount of motivation. But carry the weight of a group of people who depend on you to run… I dare to bet the latter will cause you to swiftly put your training shoes on.


Attention Clubsportive Members

To show our support and understanding of the importance of working out together we have decided to create a special promotion. For those who currently sport at Clubsportive, we have made ‘Bring Your Friends’ card. Ask our hosts about this card at our reception and take a friend with you for free. But on top of a free day-pass voucher, if the person you have chosen to invite decides on signing up for a membership with us, you receive 1 month of your membership completely free. For more information please feel free to ask our hosts at the front desk by the reception!

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