Plastic is the tool of the decade, if not the century.

But that doesn’t mean we can allow it to destroy life around us as we know it. For this category, we consider what plastic is currently doing to our bodies. But in this analogy, our bodies are a metaphor for what we are doing to the earth and how this, in turn, affects our natural well-being. Considering the damage of plastic, we look to physically and mentally improve arguably the most essential part of your fundamental well-being: the planet we live on. And like our bodies carry toxins that we must expel through exercise and training, we all must learn how to cleanse the earth of its very own toxin: plastic litter. We are all dependant on plastics essential utility, but it kind of ends there.


It’s self-evident when you look at the streets of your average city, finding plastic litter is inevitable. When the plastic we use is no longer needed, it somehow ends up on the floor or in the water. If you’re not one of the loiterers, then you’re probably one of those who looks in disgust but does nothing about it. But we can ALL do something about it, however small of an impact if everyone carries their weight. Adopt the mentality of the following quote and incrementally change the world, even if it’s just the world around you. At least that’s something.

That’s why Clubsportive is taking the steps to go plastic-free. After acknowledging the amount of plastic waste that goes around gyms, it was impossible to ignore that something has to change. That’s why Clubsportive has recently started selling #plasticfreestory stainless steel water bottles at the front desk to reduce the usage of single-use plastic water bottles. The idea is to encourage the message to start being more aware of plastic waste that is being consumed daily and thrown away. Water bottles in the gym are a good example of over-consumption when it comes to plastic waste, so the message is to get our members to be more environmentally friendly by reusing the same water bottle. Our aim is to eventually get every member to take reusable bottles when they visit our gym.

‘What you do will only ever amount to a single drop in the ocean.’ ‘But what is the ocean, if not a multitude of single drops?’

– Cloud Atlas

Be part of the solution, not the pollution.

We at Clubsportive are now offering these custom-made stainless steel bottles for 12.95 eu,-. If you’re interested, you can pre-order them now through the following link:

Preorder your #plasticfreestory bottle here.

It only takes a small change individually for us to make a big difference together. Be part of the #plasticfreestory. If you pre-order your bottle, we can custom-engrave your initials (maximum 5 letters) onto your bottle for FREE!

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